We produce creative, memorable design to truly represent your business.We create websites that lead your customers to what they’re looking for.Our philosophy is to understand your goal and think like your audience.

We do our best to avoid the purple prose that can be all too common on marketing and design sites, and that counts for our staff introductions too. With that in mind, suffice it to say that Graphcom is a collection of professional people who know what we're doing, and who love what we do -- create work that clients call "exemplary", "top notch", and "outstanding".

Craig MacLeod

(Experience since 1993; he/him)

“As the company President, I’m the client liaison and project manager – the face of Graphcom. I meet with clients and I set the parameters of projects. My background in design gives me an administrative advantage because it enables me to visualize a project from the beginning to the end. The bottom line is to make sure we hit our potential and give the client work that best serves their needs.” 

Dave Stewart

(Experience since 1993; he/him)

“Although writing is at the centre of what I do, I’m also a bit of an idea generator – concepts for any kind of marketing or specific ads, events, whatever. That kind of stuff is a lot of fun for me. And although we all do our own Quality Control and Project Management here to a degree, that’s also something I’m specifically involved with, because well, I’m fussy about things and I like to keep up to date on the work that we’ve got out there, from inception to completion.” 

Matt McCarron

(Experience since 2005; he/him)

“I was the kid in school who was drawing pictures when I should have been doing other work. It only made sense that I became a designer. Now, I work with clients and figure out exactly what they need; something that will make them happy and meet all the requirements that they may or may not be aware of. I’m kind of a perfectionist, and I try to think about things that, as a non-designer, the client may not instinctively ask for.” 

Beth Scott

(Experience since 1997; she/her)

“I’m a web programmer at Graphcom, aka ‘nerd’. I love solving problems and programming customized websites to function well and look good. My years of experience have taught me that customer support is paramount. Unfortunately, some developers don’t think to offer support to clients, and that’s a pretty big mistake.”

Katelynn Hicks

(Experience since 2011; she/her)

“I like to use pen and paper to sketch out a website before I take it to the computer. That way I can make sure that everything makes sense before I start building out the site. It also combines my love of drawing with my experience in web design and development.”


(Experience since 2017; he/him)

“I tend to design to brief rather than my own personal style. It’s all about what’s right for the client and their goals. I like my work to have a strong sense of a structure and hierarchy, and always love finding ways to bring organic elements into designs rather than maintaining a digital look for everything.”

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