Maroun’s Garlic Spread

Original Maroun’s Garlic Spread is the first commercially available spin-off product from PEI’s Cedar’s Eatery. Named after the restaurant’s founder, Maroun’s makes a Lebanese favourite available for home use. 

To introduce the product to the marketplace, we worked closely with the client to develop a Maroun’s brand. The client requested the use of a rich, red tone which, for him, evoked Lebanon, and in our discussions we determined that we would go in a clean, contemporary and decidedly professional direction that would introduce Maroun’s in the proper light. We incorporated an illustration of a clove of garlic into the label to illustrate the main ingredient in the spread, but also as a marker which can be substituted if further Maroun’s products are developed further down the line.

What we did:

Concept and Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Branding, Logo Design, Bilingual, Web Development, Website Hosting, Responsive Design, Programming, Content Management System