Our team begins by getting to know your organization’s challenges and goals. Understanding what you want and what you plan to accomplish online is a crucial step – In fact, we won’t begin website development until both you and we are satisfied that the goals and proposed functionality of your site are understood.


Next, we begin the planning and general layout of your site. Often overlooked, this helps everyone conceptualize the final design, with an understanding of where each element will live in the grand scheme. Any additional resources and assets are identified and gathered at this stage.


Pulling from the information we’ve gathered up to this point and utilizing wireframes, graphic design begins. Target audience and site section goals are taken into consideration, as well as any existing marketing materials you may have (logos, colour schemes, etc.). A prototype mock-up is presented for your feedback. Typically, only one round of design changes based on that initial feedback is all that is required.


At this stage, your website goes from paper to computer. Using the client-approved wireframes and site designs, our developers build your site, ensuring that all functionality is in place and that all 3rd party applications/services have been integrated as seamlessly as possible.


The following are some of the core attributes that we include in our website designs and construction. Variations may occur depending upon the goals and needs of your website. If you have specific requirements other than what is described below, please contact us to discuss.


You and your staff are provided with website management capability to edit page content, design elements, and to preview all changes before applying them to the live site. As required, you can also limit staff access, or we can make changes for you as required.


Graphcom delivers top-level, clean and engaging, technically robust websites, built from a strong graphic design base, that meet our clients’ needs. The first step in all GCG projects is to establish client goals, and to follow up by creating a website that addresses these objectives in a compelling and thorough manner.


Graphcom websites are built to adapt to and work across all contemporary devices – laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. – and screen sizes. We build using the latest W3C standards for greater compatibility within the contemporary online environment, and to situate your new website favourably in terms of search engine results.


We use Google Analytics, the industry standard, to provide you with information about site traffic and other important data.


We test new websites on modern web browsers – Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge  – with basic usability testing done in IE11, IE10 (due to dropped support and very low market share, main focus is given to modern browsers). Multiple device testing – Android, iOS – is also done, and across standard screen/monitor sizes before they are made live for public access.


Graphcom websites are built with full capacity to access and add additional third-party software and applications, according to your site’s goals and requirements.

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PEI’s Graphcom was established in 1984, and has grown to become one of the region’s premier branding, web and creative graphic design agencies. We can provide almost any kind of branding, marketing, writing and graphic design expertise you need.