Graphic Design

Our graphic design philosophy is to produce creative, memorable design through all aspects of our work to truly represent your business/organization with consistent messaging across all necessary formats – illustration, advertising, logos, online material, publications, etc.


Our web philosophy is to create effective, easy-to-navigate websites that lead your customers to what they’re looking for. We develop responsive, mobile-friendly sites and provide a full roster of web services including programming, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), hosting and client support when you need it.


Our marketing philosophy is to understand your goal, think like your audience, and translate your message through our experience and ability so that it speaks to your clients. Our advertising strategies can include branding, websites, print and social media, signage, email marketing, copywriting and multi-language translation.



At Graphcom, we pride ourselves in our common sense approach to projects that result in real, practical solutions. We believe in simplifying complex issues so that your customers/clients, users and administrators want to engage with our work and, therefore, with you.


Our workflow is structured so that all relevant staff members have input into a project, which means that professional experience from many different perspectives and expertise areas goes into each Graphcom project.



Our work speaks for us. It is the result of years of experience, applied skills, and industry insight. We don’t take our reputation as a local leader lightly. In an ever-evolving industry, we embrace new applications and formats in the continuing advancement of what we do.



Graphcom is an Island rarity in that we offer in-house Quality Control and Copywriting. We also have seamless working relationships with top-notch professional translators and photographers, among other service providers.


Graphcom offers a unique complement of staff members, each with our own areas of expertise, experience and perspectives that is unlike any other design, web and marketing company. This combination informs, supports and is focused on all Graphcom work.


What we Value

At Graphcom we believe that our clients are the experts in their industry and we are the experts in ours. That means that, when possible, we prefer a collaborative approach wherein we obtain preliminary information from you, and feedback throughout the process whenever necessary. In between those milestones, we’ll put our industry knowledge and expertise to work to fulfil the goals of the project at hand. In some cases where the project is a straight ahead piece of design, web, copywriting, etc., we’ll set to work on our own and provide you with opportunity for input towards project’s end. It’s all a matter of client preference and the complexity of the project. Regardless of process, however, we believe in simplifying complex issues through creativity and know-how when ever possible.

That means we believe in purposeful creativity.

Our team has experience outside the workplace that includes the art world, creative writing, theatre, film, television and radio. We know that creativity, in the artistic sense of the word, is best applied when it is required. To that end, sometimes the most creative solution to a challenge is to deliver straightforward design and messaging. After all, the goal is to reach people. Our expertise and experience arms us with the knowledge to know what type of creativity a project requires. In far too many cases, it is possible to bypass the best solution while looking for an over the top approach that fails on all levels. We won’t let that happen.

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PEI’s Graphcom was established in 1984, and has grown to become one of the region’s premier branding, web and creative graphic design agencies. We can provide almost any kind of branding, marketing, writing and graphic design expertise you need.